Signed with Voiceover Agent

January 2019: signed with Mike O’Dell at BBA Talent in LA for Voiceover.

Singing Performance at Paley in Hollywood

Martini Monday Poster.jpg

November 2018: hired to sing a medley of jazz, oldies, musical theater, and acoustic pop at Paley restaurant in Hollywood, CA.

Recorded Animation Voiceover Reel


August 2018: Recorded Animation Voiceover reel with VO actor Catherine Cavadini (of PowerPuff Girls). Listen here.

Voiceover Dubbing at VOXX Studios


March 2018: started working with VOXX Studios as a voiceover artist, dubbing foreign films and television.

Booked Non-Union Voiceover Commercial




December 2017: booked a commercial voiceover for the product "Lick-A-Bubble" that is advertised on Check out the commercial here.

Filmed "Boyfriend Material" Web Series as Co-lead

Boyfriend Material Screenshot_McCusker.png



November 2017: played the role of PARKER in Thomas Norman's "Boyfriend Material", an LGBTQ web series. Check out Ep1 here.


Studied Animation VO with Catherine Cavadini


September 2017: Completed a six week animation voiceover class with Catherine Cavadini, who has voiced numerous cartoon characters in shows like Power Puff Girls & Batman.

Interview with TrunkSpace Magazine




August 2017: was interviewed by the pop culture magazine, TrunkSpace, in their "Next Up" series. Read the interview here.

Performed in Hollywood Fringe Festival Play




June 2017: Performed in a play at the Hollywood Fringe Festival, "Daddy Walks Like a Slut", by Brittany Stahl. 

Completed Level 401 Improv at UCB in LA


Fall 2016: Completed UCB in LA Improv 401 with Alex Berg.

May 2016: Completed UCB in NYC Improv 301 with Molly Lloyd.

December 2015: Completed UCB in NYC Improv 201 with Brandon Gardner.

October 2015: Completed UCB in NYC Improv 101 with Molly Thomas.

Cast as Judy Garland (as Dorothy) in SAG Short Film




November 2016: Acted in the role of Judy Garland as Dorothy, another character's imaginary friend! The SAG short film was written and directed by LaMonte Edwards.

Voiceover - Animated Commercial for Heluva Good!


July 2016: Recorded voiceover for an animated web commercial for the company, Heluva Good!

Voiceover - Commercial Web Video for Empower Retirement


July 2016: Recorded voiceover for a commercial web video for the company, Empower Retirement.

TV Pilot in NYC - "Ally & Viv"

May 2016: Filmed TV Pilot, "Ally & Viv", in the role of VIV. It will be submitted to various festivals in the area as well as pitched to networks.

Check out the promo for the premiere screening in August 2016: "Ally & Viv" Teaser

Voiceover - Industrial Animation for Kognito




December 2015: Recorded a voiceover for the character Jessica in an animation simulation video for Kognito Interactive in NYC.

Les Misérables at The Palace Theatre in Manchester, NH



May 2015: Performed in the ensemble of Les Miserable at the Palace Theatre, May 1st-16th.

Cast as JUNE in "The Edge of Peace" at Central Square Theater in Cambridge, MA


April 2015: Performed as JUNE in “The Edge of Peace” at Central Square Theater in Cambridge, MA, April 3rd-12th, 2015.


Voiceover - Radio Spot for "National Grid"

February 2015: Recorded a radio spot for a northeastern electric utility company, National Grid, through Soundtrack Boston!


Click here to listen!

Audiobook Narration, Let the Storm Break



January 2014: Recorded third commercial audiobook that was released on March 4th, 2014 on!

Let the Storm Break written by Shannon Messenger, and co-narrated by Nick Podehl.

Click here to listen to a sample!

Audiobook Narration, Let the Sky Fall



March 2013: Recorded second commercial audiobook that was released on June 4th, 2013 on!

Let the Sky Fall written by Shannon Messenger, and co-narrated by Nick Podehl.

Click here to listen to a sample!

Workshop Production of New Musical
'The Lost Girl' in NYC

August 2013: Performed as WENDY in a new musical, "The Lost Girl" written and composed by both Arianna Rose and Ben Bonnema in a workshop production in New York City directed by Rob Heller, August 3-5th.

"The Lost Girl" is a beautiful musical that follows the Darling siblings twenty-five years after their long-forgotten experiences in Neverland. Click here to check it out.



"Kristen delivered a complete and compelling embodiment of her character 'Parker' in Boyfriend Material. She takes direction, is mindful of continuity and is an overall positive presence on set. I cannot wait to see where her career takes her, and I greatly look forward to directing her again."


-Lindsay Miernicke, Director/Producer (Boyfriend Material)

"Kristen is a wonderful actress to work with. She brought so much life to not only the character but the set as well. Not only does she have a great range of emotion but she is also very easy to direct. She got along with everyone on set and even stayed after wrapping to lend a hand wherever was needed. She's a joy to work with on set and her passion and work ethic shine through effortlessly!"


-Zerelda Rodriguez, Director/Writer (Ally & Viv)

"Kristen is an actress of great vulnerability and passion. She brings to each process a sensibility that is beyond her years and a "take no prisoners" ethic. She is just the bomb!

-Dell Howlett, Director & Choreographer

"Kristen's performance as Audra was flawless. She perfectly captured the emotion behind every line,but still spoke clear enough to let listeners catch every word. I could not have asked for a better person to bring this character to life and hope to work with her again."

-Shannon Messenger, author of Let the Sky Fall Let the Storm Break